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How to create SSH without login using ssh keygen

ssh-keygen creates the public and private keys. ssh-copy-id copies the local-host’s public key to the remote-host’s authorized_keys file. ssh-copy-id also assigns proper permission to the remote-host’s home, ~/.ssh, and ~/.ssh/authorized_keys. Scenario is i want to ssh to remote-host ( from … Continue reading

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How to clone disk in virtualbox

open command prompt and go to virtualbox instalation folder. VBoxManage clonehd sourceDisk targetDIsk –format VDI example: C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox>VBoxManage clonehd D:\oldDisk.vdi C:\cpvmu\newDisk.vdi –format VDI

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Bayar Pajak Motor di Bandung, outlet samsat Lucky Square

Bismillah, Setelah tertunda beberapa minggu, akhirnya disempatkan untuk membayar pajak motor. Kali ini saya akan membayar pajak motor d-tracker 150. Motor saya kebetulan teregristrasi di kota madya Bandung karena ketika beli motor saya menggunakan ktp Bandung. Sebelum membayar pajak motor, … Continue reading

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